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>> julie: he says he is the key to fixing the economy, president obama vowing to do more for the middle-class as he lays out his vision for recovery. his critics using the worsening jobs' numbers as ammo. i'm julie banderas and this is the fox report. >> it came roaring ashore. >> the wind and water are still coming in very hard. if you look up you see that red flag waving behind me. that is how fast the wind is blowing. >> julie: and left with a whimper. >> it's not a big hurricane. >> but parts of new england didn't escape. a look at the powerful storm's
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impact congress up in a live report. also tonight, they go on patrol. they even lead investigations and help solve crimes, but they're not cops. they are regular joes. >> this is not only about cut reductions but improvement in the quality of service. >> but not everyone on board. >> is civilians going to be sticking around for 30 years? [ siren ] >> a powerful magnitude 7.1 earthquake rattles an entire country cracking apart roads, destroying buildings and turning homes into rubble. a massive inferno ripped through a strip mall and chaos in the streets as one of america's key allies in the iraq war comes. >> political rhetoric heating up
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as the summer winds down. the focus this labor day weekend work, or the lack of it. a day after the new jobless rate kicked up, republicans blasted the obama administration claims this would be, a quote, recovery summer. meanwhile, president obama touting the administration's efforts to addressing the worst recession seen in america. >> obama administration told the american people this would be a recovery summer, but our economy continues to lose jobs. it slowed to anemic levels. our national debt is growing more than $4 billion a day. as it turns out recovery summer was nothing more than a meaningless slogan. >> the steps we've taken to date to stop the bleeding. sfleys roads and bridges and high speed railroad that has will lead to hundreds of thousands of jobs in the private sector. emergency steps to prevent the layoffs of hundreds of thousands
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of teachers and firefighters and police officers. tax cuts and loans for small business owners who create most of the jobs in this country. >> julie: a report says the white house is considering new tax breaks for businesses totaling hundreds of billions of dollars. this coming this week we should hear more. the president expected to lay out new economic proposals. this, of course, is in the backdrop of the fall midterm elections less than two months away. julie has more. >> calling it the worst recession of our lifetime, president obama says the middle-class has been squeezed the most and he promises to work hard to turn it around. he spent the weekend at camp david but he used his address to talk about his efforts to create jobs, make college more affordable, cut taxes and overhaul the health care system, but his comments follow more discouraging news from the labor department. that the economy shed 54,000
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jobs in august and the unemployment rate kicked up to 9.6%. >> long before this recession hit the middle-class had been taken some hard shots. long before this recession the value of hard working responsibility that built this country had been given short shrift. >> as they try to reassure americans better days are ahead, many in the gop that obama's recovery summer has failed to materialize and it's time to do something new. >> the nation's employment incarcerate rate has been above 9.6% for months. this despite the fact that the trillion dollar stimulus could keep unemployment below 8%. >> expect more talk about jobs and middle-class when the president after a weekend in camp david, he hits the road. aides say on wednesday he'll lay out a new set of ideas in a speech from cleveland but not a big new stimulus plan like last
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year's. >> julie: economic challenges rivaled by political ones for president obama and the democrats, new polls highlighting separate areas for weakness. they represent the latest evidence the balance of power on capitol hill could shift with results from the midterm elections. molly henneberg is live in washington with the rest of the story. hi, molly. >> molly: it may be a good year for a republican challenger. that is what one recent poll is suggesting. they gave respondents four times of candidates, republican in congress, a republican not in congress, a democrat in congress and a democrat not in congress and asked for whom they would vote. 38% picked a republican who has not served in congress. 24% said a democrat already serving in congress. republicans say that is not good news for the democratic majority in washington. >> there is going to be a percentage of people who will support the incumbents. up until this you are talking
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about 98% so it's not supplies that go some incumbents do do well but the reality the overall majority of people, they want "a" a republican and "b" want an outsider so this poll is consistent with that. >> they also looked how enthusiastic black and white voters are going into the midterm elections compared to two years ago going into the presidential election. in 2008, they say more than 80% of both groups were given the race to white house were quite a lot or some thought. those numbers dropped dramatically, 42% of whites and 25% of blacks are thinking about the mid terms. one democratic strategist says it may have to be with president obama's first two years in office. >> given that he has not achieved the success that we wanted him to achieve there is a sense of disappointment among core supporters that was largely
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but certainly not entirely african-americans and level of enthusiasm for this time is less as a result. >> reporter: political analyst says the economy is weighing heavily on voters' minds. it's predicting gop will win control the house this fall and couple seats in the senate. >> julie: hurricane earl now downgraded to a tropical storm and it is pounding canada this hour with winds gusting to 75 miles an hour. it made landfall in nova scotia bringing power outages everywhere for the last week. we've been watching earl whirl around the caribbean, tearing off rooftops and toppling trees, then earl headed forour east coast. and new england is bracing for the worst but they are thankful
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this time they dodged the bullet. jennifer davis has the latest in cape cod. >> you are absolutely right. new england was getting ready if preparing a big storm but in the end, earl blew on by. today it has been a picture perfect day as locals scramble to get back to business as usual. >> earl weakening from a mighty hurricane to a tropical storm still bringing with it plenty of wind and waves but not nearly enough to bother new englanders that is used to all sorts of rough weather. >> we were hoping for more of that. >> it came down in preparation what could be a serious blast of hurricane-force wind and rain but the signs are going back up and business owners hope it will be economically viable labor day weekend. >> this was a nothing storm. we have regular windy days that
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are 50 mile-an-hour winds southwesterly. >> massachusetts suffered a few hundred power outages and downed power lines and isolated flooding. in places like maine more rain and dangerous surf but no damage report. what is tropical storm earl leaving blue skies in its wake. >> reporter: biggest impact was an economic one, places like the orleans inn. 60% capacity, typically on labor day weekend they would be at 100%. they are not the only business hoping to bounce back. >> julie: thank you. right now an entire country thank flg that a powerful earthquake did not claim any human lives. new zealand prime minister says its miracle that no one died in
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the 7.1 magnitude quake, some people were trapped but not crushed. hundreds of homes and businesses were destroyed. prime minister warning it could be months before the full extent. damage is known. the government suggesting repairs from the quake could top $1.4 billion. the quake hitting early saturday morning local time near the southern city of christ church. 30 aftershocks rattled residents. we're told there was some instances of looting. we'll have a live report a little later this hour. a delay in bp's effort to bring a piece of evidence to the surface. workers removed the failed blowout preventer from the well head but stopped lifting it 500 feet below the surface. they are waiting for an ice like substance to melt. f.b.i. agents are awaiting to take pegs of the equipment. they will send it to a nasa lab to figure out why it failed.
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new fox news polls on how worried americans are about staying employed. what they could mean for lawmakers that hope to keep their own jobs. some people very upset with a decision former british prime minister tony blair that helped overseas, anger turning ugly real fast. details straight ahead. new hope for the 33 miners trapped alive live deep inside the earth. the latest developments to make sure that each and every one of them makes it out. ♪ ♪ one way i can take care of my engine? one a day men's -- a complete multivitamin for my overall health. plus now it supports my heart health and helps maintain healthy blood pressure. [ engine revs ] whoa. kinda makes your heart race, huh?
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a rude welcome for a man known as leader on the international stage. tony blair targeted by angry protestors awaiting his arrival at a book signing in dublin,
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ireland. few eggs and insults. none of the items hit him. but a scuffle broke out between police and demonstrators angry with his decisions on iraq, afghanistan and the middle east. in his memoirs he defends his foreign policy decisions including the invasion of iraq. a gruesome search for a man suspected of multiple murders. searching through a northern california landfill fill for remains. he has been missing for more than a week. police think he may have been killed by the same man suspected in murder of his father and who also led temperatures on a high-speed chase with his girlfriend's dead body in the car. the man later was shot and killed when the chase ended and threatened police with a large knife. he is also suspected in the
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deaths of two other women. >> heading into midterm election this fall, the economy is top on voters' minds with many americans worried about losing their jobs over the next year. laura ingle has a wrap-up. >> the latest poll shows out of eleven concerns, greatest ones is the nation's economy with nearly all voters extremely or very concerned. unemployment is also big on the list with 43% of voters saying they are extremely concerned and 49% of voters saying they are very concerned. >> voters personal economic situations shall also a source of worry. the poll finds that 37% of voters are extremely or very worried about losing their job. president obama says he believes passing a small business jobs bill will be critical to the economy. >> it's a bill that will double the amount some small business owners can borrow to grow their companies. it will completely eliminate capital gains taxes on key investments so they can buy new
7:17 pm
equipment and expand. it will accelerate $55 billion in in tax cuts for businesses large and small that make job creating investments in the next 14 months. >> the end of august marked the end of combat operations in iraq. most american voters appear to have a positive judgment about the country's efforts in iraq. almost six in ten voters think overall the united states did the right thing by going to war. who should get the credit if iraq is considered a success? highway% of voters polled named george w. bush as the person who should receive credit compared to 19% that say president obama deserves the credit. >> our poll finds that more voters disapprove than approve of president obama's job performance but it's up from 46% from the summer low at 43%. laura ingle, fox news.
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>> julie: rolling out a new tool to go deep in the earth trying to rescue miners and unveiling a new weapon to go high in the sky along the border in mexico. it's not without critics. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ some of nature's best ingredients. we created purina one with smartblend. new, delicious shredded morsels and crunchy bites, wi real meat, wholesome grains and antioxidants, for strong muscles, vil energy, a healthy immune system, and a real difference in your dog.
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>> julie: new hope for the 33 chilean miners still waiting to be rescued after being trapped underground for weeks now. another heavy drilling machine
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was brought in today to help free the miners. they have been trapped half mile underground and reports of another powerful drill, it's scheduled to arrive tomorrow. the miners have been trapped underground for almost a month. a team from nasa is trying to help rescue crews come up with a plan the keep the miners as healthy as possible. authorities have said it could take up to four months before the miners are rescued. >> a mexican judge ordering a suspected drug lord known as la barbie held for 40 more days. they want him to stay behind bars while they investigate. he got his name sake for his fair skin and green eyes. he was arrested late last month outside mexico city. he is highest suspected cartel leader captured alive since the drug war broke out four years ago. police also arresting seven other people during the take
7:23 pm
down of valdez. new weapon begin patrolling the skies over mexico. used unmanned predator drones along the earn tire border. it's proved its worth in the fight against militants in afghanistan and pakistan but not everyone thinks deploying the weapon is a good idea. now, more on the story. >> these are not a wise use of taxpayer's money. $15 million for what amounts to a moving camera platform is a bit excessive. >> i can tell you the $15 million was well worth it in that we now can focus on the border in a broader area. >> the department of homeland security currently operates six predators, 2 on the northern border, four in the south. last month it bought two more for texas, critics say it would be better spent elsewhere, calling them expensive toys ill
7:24 pm
site for border control. >> we spot more traffic than we can apprehend. we need more boots on the ground. so we can apprehend what we're spotting now. >> the predators spend most of the time gathering intelligence. >> to show you the capability of predator, we'll turn off the light. it's pitch black. i, see and hear nothing, but the predator can see us from over two miles high and supporters say that is a game changer. >> we've proven on many occasions the utility and versatility of this aircraft. >> look closely at the video. illegal immigrants tripped a ground sensor. the drone engaged allowing pilots to guide in agents, first on the ground and later with a helicopter to make the arrest. >> very few platforms can do that. there is something you can quantify in savings.
7:25 pm
>> julie: in new zealand a major earthquake catches thousands of people off guard. reports of buildings crumbling, rescue crews or the scene. we'll tell you where the quake hit the hardest. one u.s. city is using civilians to do some police work. it's all about saving money but do these civilians know what they are doing? we'll check it out when we come back ♪ i foot fought the law and lawsuit one ♪ ♪ and i smoked for rs. ♪ >> and it dominated mine. i honestly loved smoking, and i honestly didn't think i would ever quit. ♪ it was very interesting that you could smoke on the first week. [ male announcer ] chantix is a non-nicotine pill that stays with you all day to help you quit. in studies, 44% of chantix users were quit
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>> julie: bottom of the hour, time for the top of the news, an absolute miracle. that is a quote and what new zealand's prime minister said about the fact that no one died in the country's powerful 7.1 magnitude earthquake. that is about as powerful as another earthquake. -- hated at this's earthquake. most people were in their beds and only two people suffered serious injuries. an early government assessment puts the costs of the repairs at $1.4 billion. when you consider the shocking devastation in lives by the earthquakes away sue in chile and haiti. nick smith joins us on the attorney.
7:30 pm
thank you for taking time. this hit at 4:35 in the morning and the majority of those there were sleeping in their beds, some were trapped in buildings that collapsed. describe the injuries? >> the injuries were mainly caused by falling buildings and flying glass. parts of the city, most of them came down or on to the street. that is the nature of injuries. we have one person that is in critical condition as a result of his chimney collapsing on him while he lay in bed. other serious injuries because of the shattered glass. we have potentially one fatality but that is not necessarily directly connected to the earthquake. >> julie: let me talk about the quake and its size.
7:31 pm
a 7.1 magnitude, that is massive earthquake. no one was killed. that is miracle without even saying. the damage was so much less than in haiti, but experts say the low number of injuries reflects the country's strict building codes. am i correct? >> you are correct. it's one of new zealand's oldest cities. the oldest buildings, brick and tile that collapsed. we're sometime getting big shake we've had 4.1, 35.1 in the region so it's ongoing. >> julie: i heard that at last count there was some 30 aftershocks. what are people doing. if one is at 5.1, that is still a significant earthquake? >> that is significant earthquake.
7:32 pm
that struck new zealand time 5:10 a.m. that was six hours ago. that one got everybody out of bed, i can tell you that. >> julie: yeah. we're looking at these pictures. i don't think i can see the pictures we're looking at. right here is a picture of a crushed car, literally crushed by falling brick, regardless of the strong structures of those buildings, some of them did crumble and left with nothing but rubble on the ground. it's just amazing that nobody was killed. >> it's amazing. central business district is still closed off. they may install curfew tonight. they had looting problems and they may call army to assist in security. >> julie: nick smith, thank you for joining us on the phone. 65 are dead after a suicide bombing in pakistan. original reports listed 43 killed but officials say
7:33 pm
overnight at least 20 more people died from the wounds they received. more than 150 were injured in friday's bombing. it happened in southwestern city and the attack was the second in a week against she'ites. taliban is claiming responsibility. here is a living legend -- i guess you know who we're talking about, we're extremely proud on to say he is with us tonight. the man with the mustache, the one and only geraldo rivera and on television longer than many americans including myself have been alive covering news stories in the u.s.s. and all around the world. riveting interviews. insight only a handful of people can share. we just love you. a career with memorable highs and lows. who can forget number one, all the hair can you tell us this man has had or wigs or you have
7:34 pm
had a mustache on your face for so many years. i don't know many people that have done that. and ladies and gentlemen, geraldo rivera looking back at 40 wonderful years. is it possible to pick a favorite moment. there is so many? >> there are so many favorite moments. obviously the campaign to close the institutions for the mentally retard second-degree right up there with the coverage of the wars, the hurricanes. and john travolta wearing a speedo. >> julie: didn't you wear one? >> why not. >> julie: i recall you did. you were never too shy about taking off your shirt. there you are. that is the video, i'm glad we had that. you also have -- you are a hands
7:35 pm
on journalist and i commend you for that. tell me about some of the creepest interviews? >> manson was responsible for nine murders, so was a guy joel riskin here in new york. they were responsible for nine murders, riskin killed him with his own hands but because his victims were prostitutes at the low end of the economic scale while manson's victims was actress shiarp tate and high end people on the west side of los angeles, he became much more notorious, rifkin was at least as creepy as manson. >> let's play a clip of this. >> look at your hand. just look at that. look at your hand. look at those hands. those are the instruments of brutal murder. >> correct. >> of nearly defenseless women. >> correct. >> and.
7:36 pm
and you say only part of you is a monster? >> i did some very monstrous things. but that is not all of me. >> yet you tell us, after committing the crimes that you slept peacefully? >> yes. >> you strangled 17 defenseless women, nearly defenseless women to death and you did it with contempt and disregard and with them cold and buried, you tell me you want to create a foundation to protect them, protect them against whom? >> you know how you could have protected prostitutes? stay home. >> what does it look at interviews like that? >> you wonder, first of all in the mass murders you always want them to use that against
7:37 pm
themselves. you feel a sense of frustration, who are self-involved and can do these hideous deeds. they do it in a way that is almost arrogant. in a way that is so about them and not about -- he was convicted of nine or 17 in total of his victims, but they are people who still creep me out. they totally creep me out. what you do in the news business i guess it's like a doctor or emt worker, after the trauma if you live with it, bring the burden of the old story with you it weighs you down and it's impossible to deal with your own family and children. you have to shake it off. that is my job. this is my life, otherwise i couldn't function anymore. >> julie: i asked people on twitter what their favorite moments, they love watching you getting knocked down by hurricane waves. that is his tir tear cal. they love the chair captain
7:38 pm
incident. >> the actual chair. >> last one, geraldo is best field reporter in television. that is awesome to say. you are not just someone that sits behind a news desk. >> something happens, that is my advice, you have to get right with it. >> my favorite is war coverage and watching you getting knocked by a wave was pretty funny. tonight you'll have much more, your daughter and wife will be on the show. much more of geraldo's who years in the biz. i look forward to having the same day. >> i'm not doing 40 more. >> julie: hey, who knows. geraldo rivera 10:00 tonight. stopping crime or censorship. craigslist is shutting down one section of the site.
7:39 pm
we're going to tell you more. and most violent eruption yet, massive volcano, dramatic pictures straight ahead. ♪ ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] ever have morning pain slow you down? introducing bayer am, an extra strength pain reliever with alertness aid to fight fatigue. so get up and get goin'! with new bayer am. the morning pain reliever. when a tornado te through holly, colorado, air life denver took to the air... their night-vion goggles keeping them safe on a perilous flight...
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>> julie: sky dieflgs at the end of runway after it failed to lift off safely. the region is popular for scenic flights wells sky giefg. >> plane crashes killing four politicians and a violate volcano as we go around the
7:43 pm
world in 80 seconds. >> mexico, a plane crashing into the southern part of the country kills all six people on board including two federal lawmakers and two people running for mayor. the pilot and a local owner were the other two people that died the cause of the accident is still under investigation. >> australia, huge flooding problems in some southern states especially victoria. heavy rainfall causing landslides and homeevacuations. close to a thousand people have been helped by emergency surfaces. the army is getting sent in to help. >> indonesia, more eruptions from a volcano that was lying dormant for decades. >> scientists say the latest eruption spewing ash more than 10,000 feet into the air is the most violent yet. the force to be felt five miles away.
7:44 pm
germany -- berlin holds the fifth world championship for best fireworks display. switzerland and greece and south korea and for the first time germany displaying what they got. about 60,000 people expected to turn out for the two-day show. that is a wrap around the world in 80 seconds. >> julie: a popular website removing a controversial section of its site in the wait of outside pressure, crieg craigslist closing adult list replaced by a censored logo. >> also on the internet, google coming under scrutiny the attorney general for texas launching an investigation into
7:45 pm
the search message that google uses for suggesting websites. the probe stems from complaints that google is abuse the power as the dominant search engine on the web. review looking into google is biased in the search formula, manipulating results to stifle competition. >> apple is facing unexpected challenges and complaints after the launch of a new feature. now, the target of spammers and scammers. critics say apple failed to implement the necessary security measures. with this economy, organizations all across the country have slashed budgets, had had people off and no different for law enforcement agencies. so now there a group of civilians stepping in to help. some are even taking over traditional investigative roles that police officers usually deal with. not everybody is happy about it. some are worried that the civilians aren't as good as the cops and things could fall
7:46 pm
through the crack. now more on the story from san francisco. >> with layoffs and fewer resources, oakland police will no longer send officers to investigate nonviolent crimes like burglaries, car thefts and vandalism. across the bay, san francisco has another potential solution. 15 civilian cops are being hired to do some of the work of regular officers but without badges or guns and at a lower salary. >> this isn't only about cost reductions but also about improvement in the quality of services. >> police chief george gascon wants to replicate a program that he pioneered in mesa, arizona. officers handled things such as burglary and car theft freeing up regular cops. their work cuts response time. the head of san francisco's police union worries about evidence collected by civilian
7:47 pm
cops holding up in court. >> we have chain of custody issues. we have issues where they are collecting dna and dusting for prints, are they going to see the investigations through or turn them over to another investigator? are civilians going to be sticking around in this job, its 30-year commitment. >> they say that civilian cops shouldn't work certain cases but with the right training could help victims and save taxpayers' money. >> these are folks not going through the police academy and that is incredibly expensive. this is roughly half the cost and in these tough budget times, it's worth looking at this. >> overall, crime is down in san francisco this year, officers have had to respond to more than 3,000 burglaries. the chief is hopeful that number will drop and other crimes will be resolved faster once civilian officers are on the case starting in january. in san francisco, claudia calan, fox news.
7:48 pm
>> forget moon shine made in the bathtub, more people are distilling their own spirits and they are doing it legally. that is next ♪ show me wait to the next whiskey bar ♪ ♪ all tell us why a different sry ? through the crisis. ? . by protecting clies and turning uncertainty into confidence. what if that story were true? it is. ♪ enough plastic water bottles to stretch around the earth over 190 times. each brita filter can take up to 300 of those bottles
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♪ ♪ >> julie: well, the taco bell chihuahua may have leftovers. take a look at the huge sandwich. it apparently broke the record for mexico's longest taco. 38 local restaurants, all working together to build a giant creation. and it all happened at the plaza dura baldi in mexico
7:52 pm
city. among the ingredients, chin, pork, cheese, pineapple. the finished product over 130 feet in length. great with tequila. well, spirits are high for private distillers hoping to profit from passion by making whiskey, but the work is by no means easy and breaking in a park with drinkers with loyal brands can be a daunting challenge. but they think the final product will be something to toast. >> inside a barn in florida. husband and wife are making whiskey. nothing high-tech here. just a 60-gallon copper still, fire, some grains and stat stats of wooden barrels. only 200 small companies in america are likely to distill their own spirit. palm ridge reserve whiskey is one of them and trying to break in the market. >> our sales steadily increase on a monthly basis. we have been fortunate that way.
7:53 pm
are they what we need them to be right now? no, they're not. >> the husband and wife who make this palm ridge reserve, tell me they're not trying to pack as much alcohol as they can inside a bottle. that is not the point. they want you to taste the grain, the premium whiskey they make on the florida farm. they go through a series of strict federal and state permits and must keep meticulous records. and taste and taste and taste again. >> all of the whiskey cuts are made by taste. y'all have been here. i stand by the still. i taste the whiskey coming off the still. when it's good, i keep it. >> he makes sure the whiskey is right. marty fills up the $50 bottle. 12-hour days, eventually dripping out 15 gallons of florida spirits a week. hard work that seems to be catching on. >> from about the year 2000, 2001, there were maybe 2,000 craft distillers to well over 200. i think if you checked with
7:54 pm
the government you would see that there are lots more licenses in the pipeline. >> the plan is to sell 500 gallons of the palm ridge reserve whiskey. that would be a good year. in florida, orlando salinas, fox news. >> mike: "american idol" has had no -- >> julie: "american idol" has had no shortage of shake-up in the past few years. paula abdhul out. simon out. ellen degeneres in and then out. another judge bites the dust. we tell you who next. ♪ ♪ ♪ you picked a fine time to leave me, lucille ♪ ♪ with four hungry children ♪ and a crop in the field ♪ i've had some bad times ♪ lived through some sad times ♪ well-being.
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>> julie: "american idol" fans are in for another big change. remember judge cara? well, she is leaving the show apparently. she announced he departure
7:58 pm
through a statement from fox saying, "i felt like i won the lottery when i joined "american idol" a few years ago but now i feel the best time to leave idol." there were rumors she was fired but she says she is leaving on her own. she was a successful songwriter. she joined in the shows in eighth season and rumors are twirling that aerosmith steven tyler and pop diva jennifer lopez will fill empty seats. kanye west still trying to say he is sorry to taylor swift. he made headlines after she grabbed her trophy at last year's mtv trophy awards. how do you make up for something like that? he open hopes a song will do the trick. he wrote a song and hopes that she will perform it. he had to cancel his tour with lady gaga and even lost some employees. here is hoping the song he has for swift is a good one.
7:59 pm
on this day in 1882, let there be light. thomas edison's power company throws a switch for the first time. providing electricity to a small area in new york city. the pearl street station so named for the location in lower manhattan at first provided power to less than 60 customers. but by the following year, hundreds saw the light. and signed on to a new type of energy that could compete with gas. of course, over time, new york's energy appetite grew tremendously. today,con-eddieson delivers electricity to 3 million customers. it all began with a single flip of the switch 128 years ago today. now you know the news as fox reports this saturday september 4, 2010. i'm julie banderas. thank you for watching, everyone. hey, don't miss a very special edition of

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